Maya Glucoz

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2020 - National Diploma of Visual Arts.
2018 - BTEC higher national diploma (BTS) in graphic design and communication.
2016 - Applied arts upgrading courses (MANAA).

2019 - Workshop with the graphic designer Jérémy Glâtre.
2018 - Workshop with the duo of artists Maxime Marion and Emilie Brout.
Photographic workshop with the collective Demi tour de France.
Participation to the PDF exhibition project, SCAN by Hold Residency.
2017 - Typographic workshop with the studio Une brique.
Participation to the digital exhibition Avakin, pavilion of The Wrong Biennal.
Internship with the independant graphic designer Patric Dreier, in Berlin.
2016 - Internship in the silkscreening printing studio Le dernier Cri in Marseille.